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About Beth

Beth Shulman is the author of The Betrayal of Work: How Low-Wage Jobs Fail 30 Million Americans (September 2003, The New Press), a revealing examination of low wage work in the United States. She is working on a new book, A Good Jobs Nation about the imperative for creating good jobs in the United States and the choices we can make to fulfill that goal.

Shulman currently co-chairs the Fairness Initiative on Low-Wage Work, a project to increase public awareness about the problems of low-wage work and the need for policy change to respond to this issue and is a Senior Fellow at Demos. She speaks throughout the country and lectures at conferences and universities on the economy for everyday Americans, the need for a new social contract, the American Dream, low-wage work, inequality and opportunity in America, workplace issues, business-labor relations, work/family conflicts in the workplace, employment discrimination and the role of unions in our society.

Previously she was a Vice President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. She was an adjunct professor at the School of Business and Public Management at The George Washington University.   She began her career as a civil rights lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee focusing on employment discrimination and school desegregation cases. 

Shulman currently serves as Chair of the Board of the National Employment Law Project. She also serves on the Board of The Center for Economic and Policy Research, American Rights at Work, Wider Opportunities for Women and the Financial Markets Center. She served on President Clinton’s Advisory Council for School to Work Opportunities. She was a Trustee of the Board of the National Planning Association, a member of the Domestic Strategy Group of the Aspen Institute and an Executive Board member of the Industrial Relations Research Association.

Shulman has appeared on numerous T.V. and radio programs including Oprah, The News Hour, PBS Now with Bill Moyers, Now on PBS, PBS To the Contrary, CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, ABC World News Tonight and NPR's Talk of the Nation and Marketplace. Her recent publications include  ”Make Paid Sick Days Universal, Pro: Flu Sufferers Belong in Bed, Not in the Cafeteria,”, December 18, 2008, “Election Day in U.S. Should be a Holiday,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 4, 2008, “Making Work Pay,” Ending Poverty In America: How to Restore the American Dream, Senator John Edwards editor, (The New Press, New York,2007), “Sweating the Golden Years,” The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2006, “Retirement Insecurity,”, April 24, 2006 “Trickling Up,”, September 23, 2005, “As Goes Walmart,”, May 3, 2005, “Oprah Society,”, April 12, 2005, “Rewarding ‘Unskilled’ Workers” The Washington Post, September 6, 2004, “Workers’ Fate is in Governor’s Hands” Los Angeles Times, September 3, 2004, “Make Work Pay in Florida” Orlando Sentinel, August 19, 2004,  “Low-Wage Work—America’s Broken Promise” Poverty and Race, May/June2004, “Solution is Raises, Benefits, Unions” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 29, 2004, “Working and Poor in the USA,” The Nation, February 9, 2004,“Four Myths, 30 Million Potential Votes,” The Washington Post, August 17, 2003, Working Without a Social Contract, in Perspectives on Work, volume 4, issue 1, 2000 and “Yes, Unions,” The American Prospect, November-December 1996.

A native of Los Angeles, Shulman received an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of California at Los Angeles and a law degree from Georgetown Law Center.

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