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Professional Presentations

Unemployment Insurance Benefits: Where Do We Go From Here? Testimony before Senate Finance Committee. September 15, 2009

“Squeezed, Strapped and Trapped: The Costly Reality of the American Dream, Southern Illinois University, 2009

“Creating a Good Jobs Economy,” Tacoma Community College, 2008

The American Dream and the Social Contract,” Labor and Employment Relations Association, National Policy Forum, 2007

“Next Steps in Providing Benefits to Low-Wage Workers,” Urban Institute, 2007

“A New Social Contract: Restoring Dignity and Balance to the Economy,” Economic Policy Institute’s Shared Prosperity Forum, 2007

“Poverty and Social Inclusion” Mobility Agenda Conference2007

“What Kind of Jobs Can Young People Expect in Today’s Economy?” Hudson Community College, 2007

“Austerity vs. Investment,” Take Back America Conference, 2007

“In the Name of Freedom: An Assault on America’s Families,” Failure of Conservatism Conference, American Prospect and Campaign for America’s Future, 2007

“A New Social Contract: Restoring Dignity and Balance to the Economy,
Economic Policy Institute Forum on Broadly Shared Prosperity, 2007

“Reducing the Number of People Trapped in Poverty,” Women’s Leadership Summit, United Way, 2006

“Minimum Wage: The Way Forward in the States, Center for American Progress, 2006

“How to Improve Low-Wage Jobs,” Kansas Conference on Poverty, 2006

“Creating Family Sustaining Jobs in the 21st Century-Does the Right to Organize Matter,” Labor and Employment Relations Association- 2006

“A Middle Class Society?” Grassroots and Groundwork Conference, 2006

“Creating a Middle Class Society,” Take Back America Conference, 2005

“Low-Wage Jobs: A Women’s Issue”, Aquinas College, 2004

“The Middle Class Squeeze, Moving Beyond Rhetoric, Drum Major Institute, 2004

“The Challenges of Low-Wage Work in America,” Keystone Research Center, 2004

“Jobs and Growth: Making the Economy Work for Working People,” Take Back America Conference, 2004

“Low-Wage Work in America,” Keynote Address Women Employed 31st Anniversary Luncheon, 2004

“Low-Wage Work-What We Should Do,” Corporate Voices for Working Families Annual Meeting, 2004

“Low-Wage Work and the Need for Change,” Keynote Speech New York State Labor Religion Coalition Conference, 2004

“The Future of Work,” George Mason University Cultural Studies Program Annual Conference-A New World of Work, 2004

“Inequality in America,” The National League of Cities, March 2004

“Options to Improve Low-Wage Work,” Brookings Institution, 2004

Low-Wage Work and the Living Wage Campaign,” Swarthmore College, 2004

“Low-Wage Work”, The National Housing Conference, keynote speaker, 2004

“Is the Glass Ceiling a Permanent Fixture?” Congressional Briefing, 2003

“The End of Poverty and the Role of Unions,” The Brookings Institution, 2002

“The Global Working Poor,” Jewish Funders Network International Conference, 2002

“Frontiers of Legal Thought: The Law and Social Policy of Work and Family,” American University, Washington College of Law, February 2003

“Low-Wage Work,” The Nathan Cummings Foundation, May 2001

“The Future Workforce and the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Employers and Workers,” Work and Future Society: Making Work Work for All Americans, Aspen Institute Domestic Strategy Group, June 2000

“Sharing Prosperity: What Works,” Interactive Roundtable Discussion, U.S. Congress, Hosted by Representative Martin Olav Sabo, June, 2000

“Addressing the Work and Family Concerns of Low-Wage Workers,” Work and Family National Policy Forum, Industrial Relations Research Association, June, 2000

“Renewing the Social Contract,” 14th Annual Rhode Island Conference on Labor-Management Relations, November, 1999

“Contingent Work: Pseudo-Flexibility at the Price of Job Security,” New Paradigm Symposia, Institute for Women and Work, Cornell University, 1999

“Theory, Policy and Practice: Collective Bargaining Developments in the 1990s,” Industrial Relations Research Association, Allied Social Science Association Meeting, 1999

“Better Understanding the New Employee/Employer Relationship,” Domestic Strategy Group, Aspen Institute, 1998

“Through a Glass Darkly-Labor Relations in the 21st Century,” Industrial Relations Research Association, National Conference, 1997

“Creating Good Jobs and Good Wages,” Domestic Strategy Group, Aspen Institute, 1997

“A Change at Work: The Restructuring of the U.S. Economy and Its Implications for Education and Training,” The National Center for Postsecondary Improvement Policy Seminar, 1997

“The Role of Unions in Today's Society,” Guest Lecturer, Department of Management Science, School of Business and Public Management, George Washington University Business School, 1997

“State of Labor Relations,” Alabama Bar Association Labor Section, 1996

“An Overview of the Finance Industry: Organizing and Bargaining Strategies,” Harvard
Trade Union Program, Harvard University, 1996

“Changes in the Health Care Industry and its Impact on Health Care Workers,”@ Guest Lecturer, School of Business and Public Management, George Washington University Business School, 1996

“The Changes in the Insurance and Banking Industries in the United States and its Impact on American Workers,”  Banking and Insurance Conference of the International Federation of Commercial, Clerical and Professional and Technical Employees, 1995

“Back to the Future: The Challenge Ahead for Liberals,” Opening Plenary Session, Americans for Democratic Action Convention, 1995

“Successful Approaches to Greater Labor-Management Cooperation,” U.S./Japan Symposium on Human Resource Development Preparing for the 21st Century, U.S. Labor Department and Japan Labor Ministry, Washington, D.C., 1994

“Alternate Forms of Dispute Resolution at the Workplace and in the Application of Employment Laws,” Testimony before The Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations, 1994

“Fostering Cooperative Labor-Management Relationships,”@ UAW-Chrysler Staff Development Conference, 1994

“The U.S. System of Workplace Representation: Is it Broken? How Should We Fix it? Why Should We Bother?” Industrial Relations Research Association, Washington D.C., 1993

“Impact of Bank Mergers on Employees,” Testimony before the Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, 1991

“Successful Organizing Strategies,” Twenty-Third Annual Pacific Coast Labor Law Conference, Seattle, Washington, 1990

“Health and Safety Hazards in the Hair Care Industry,” National Association of Boards of Barber Examiners of America, 1989

“Employment Discrimination Laws Impacting Women in the Workplace,” Women's Leadership Conference, 1988

“Trends in Employment Discrimination Law,” Federal Bar Association, 1987

“Mandatory Subjects of Bargaining Impasse, Waiver of Bargaining Rights and Deferral to Arbitration-The Board's Decisions and its Impact on Collective Bargaining and the Relationship Between the Employer and the Union,@ Industrial Relations Research Association Conference, 1986